About Ruckus Climbing Gym

At Ruckus Climbing Gym, we strive to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to reach new heights- literally and figuratively.

We believe everyone who comes to Ruckus is entitled to a fun and enjoyable experience from the moment they walk through our doors through the time that they head home.  We understand how intimidating it can be walking into a climbing gym for the first time.  Our goal is to remove that fear by taking customers by the hand and giving them the confidence they need to dive into this wonderful sport. Ruckus Climbing Gym provides a safe and non-intimidating environment for new climbers to become integrated into the climbing community.

Rock climbing is for everyone, and everyone is welcome at Ruckus!

About Ruckus

Climbing, revolutionized.

Ruckus Climbing Gym is establishing the largest specialty fitness and recreation center to offer Indoor Rock Climbing in the Triad of North Carolina. Our aim is to provide the highest quality artificial rock-climbing walls and climbing experience at a reasonable price.  Enlisting the help of industry experts, we designed our bouldering, top rope and lead walls to ensure that we can offer a wide variety of climbing experiences. The radical overhangs will challenge even the most advanced climber, while the interesting combinations of slabs, stepped roofs and vertical sections will excite the beginners. The goals of our staff routesetters will be to maintain a wide variety of route difficulties to ensure that beginners can succeed while experienced climbers never grow bored.

made for everyone

We know the youth is the future. We have an entire area dedicated to children and youth parties.  This area has colorful walls of lower heights equipped with auto belay devices.  At Ruckus, we will invest heavily in our youth programs, ensuring that we are able to provide our kids with not just a fun and exciting experience, but also high quality training and growth programs.

More than climbing

Our facility will be equipped with a 1,000 sqft fully loaded fitness room, yoga studio and locker rooms with showers. Our clientele will have access to everything they need to meet their fitness goals.  Ruckus Climbing Gym will feature a retail area, where climbers can buy Ruckus merchandise, local snacks and beverages as well as climbing gear such as shoes, chalk, harnesses, etc.  There will also be ample lounge space available throughout our gym for climbers who need to take a break, collaborate with other climbers and also for parents and visitors who may not be participating themselves.  Pull up a chair and stay a while! We can’t wait to meet you.

Climber resting arms while climbing.
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